Plants are friends

Our commitment

We deliver the highest technical solutions in natural cosmetics. Naturality is a science in itself. Plants and skin are “bio-compatible”; they are alive and their functioning is similar. Their chemical relationship ensures optimal skin assimilation of plant molecules. When working with natural ingredients, our R&D experts observe the plants, their coping strategies, resistance and survival. Their active molecules are identified and extracted as to transfer their properties to cosmetic care. Our team of biochemists, pharmacists and formulators have relentlessly sought out natural ingredients to replace synthetic ingredients.

Excellence in naturality

  • A rigorous selection of plant varieties with high levels of active ingredients.
  • Exclusive processes at low temperature to concentrate the active molecules of the plants without degrading them.
  • Strong partnerships for the best raw material.
  • A judicious choice of ingredients to assemble and obtain a great sensoriality.
  • A choice of high-tech assets to achieve extreme efficiency.
  • Numerous laboratory tests to obtain the “ideal beauty product”.
  • Efficacy tested on a relevant high number of respondents with great results.
  • Search for qualitative replacements of synthetic ingredients to natural ingredients using QSAR.

What about certifications?

  • 90% of our products are vegan. That means we don’t use animal-derived ingredients commonly found in cosmetics. More so, our products are not tested on animals as we do not export to China. Animal testing is not allowed in Europe and we fully support this ban in any way we can.
  • All of our raw materials and ingredients have the Cosmos certification, or Ecocert or Natrue certification.
  • Naturality means a product has been produced with a natural ingredient or an ingredient from natural origin. No synthetic raw materials can be used or are used in a very small percentage. Unfortunately, there is no official EU law yet which results in products claiming to be natural but in reality they are not. Which is why we indicate the percentage of natural origin ingredients on our packaging. It allows you to understand that our products are really natural and at a very high percentage.
  • Biological or organic: there is no official EU law yet regarding biological or organic cosmetics. We await future legislation before requesting any labels.

Skin security

  • We formulate with the best results for our skin, our children’s and baby’s skin. In fact, for our baby products, we achieve a irritation index score of 12.5 to 25 times lower than the required score classifying a product as “non-irritating”. It’s something we’re pretty proud of.
  • A member of our R&D team is a certified safety assessor. He can evaluate and steer the contents of our formulations during formulation. This ensures high qualitative products with an eye for safety, right from the get-go in development.
  • Tinge products are free from synthetic preservatives (except for the cleansers where contamination is a risk.)
  • Our products are systematically dermatologically tested and approved. No exceptions.
  • Efficacy tests on a large test audience achieved great results.


  • 100% of our packaging is manufactured in Europe for a responsible carbon footprint.
  • We use glass jars without secondary packaging to reduce waste.
  • Our wooden display is made of rubberwood which is a waste product.
  • The bottles of our products for babies and mom’s are made of sugar cane (except mom’s anti-stretchmark oil).
  • For transportation and promo material we use recycled cardboard.
  • We use local suppliers to print our labels, to manufacture our displays, and so on.

Glad to meet you!

About us

Hello! We are Gunther, an engineer and Ann, a marketeer. Together with our team, we combine over 20 years of industrial prowess in the pharmaceutical sector, first hand market evolution experience from a real pharmacy and a touch of sales and marketing.
We established HeW Pharma in 2017 with the sole intention of producing high quality products with strong and honest claims.

We believe in a marriage between ‘natural’ and ‘state of the art’. Each day, we are passionate about finding the highest technical solutions available in natural cosmetics.

The result of that commitment is creating a wholly new and unique line of skincare with a minimum of 95% natural ingredients.

We take this very serious

Our mantra

Our mantra is “no to big pharma”. We deliver products that work, with real actives and without cheap additives. We care for the products we develop and produce. Being small, we can steer our development process in pretty smart ways. If we’re not convinced about a certain formula and its outcome, we simply won’t move forward. And if necessary, start all over again. We want to do it right.