our daycare products

Nature brings us what is good for our skin. Why not use it? Tinge daycare developed products with a minimum of 97% natural ingredients for a visibly younger and healthy looking skin. All our daycreams have anti-pollution properties for ultimate skin protection. From cleansing to daycare to extra facial care; teens, men and women can fully benefit from these exclusively developed natural products.

for moms

our products for moms

During and after pregnancy, moms take extra care of their skin and use soft natural products for their daily care, intimate hygiene and comfort. With a minimum of 98% of natural ingredients, Tinge for Moms is now available in anti-stretchmark body oil, lanolin free nipple cream, intimate washgel with pH 5.5 and firming body lotion.

for babies

our products for babies

Babies deserve a skincare that is most suitable for their sensitive skin from the first day of life. That’s why we have developed high quality, safe and delicate skincare and cleansing products with a minimum of 98% of natural ingredients. Each moment of the day, babies enjoy the unique wellbeing effects of our repair cream, diaper rash cream, washgel 2in1 for hair and body, shampoo, bath oil and face and body milk.