Tinge restorative hand cream

  98 % ingredients of natural origin

8,95 € - 50 mL 

Restorative and nourishing, with propolis, geranium, and Q10.  

Specifically for damaged and dry skin. Highly effective against chaps.

For every skin type, both in summer and winter. The high content of essential oils and natural active ingredients makes this hand cream highly moisturising and protective for the skin. Strong restorative effect. Contains propolis, known as a natural antibiotic that disinfects, heals and revitalises. 

As many as 6 precious essential oils : lemon, bergamot, sweet orange, peppermint, citronella and geranium !

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Tinge Hydrating handcream

  97,4 %  ingredients of natural origin

7,95 € - 50 mL 

Hydrating and soothing, with calendula and lavender

For all skin types, to prevent and relieve cracking and drying of the skin. Enriched with Co-enzyme Q10 and a UV sunscreen to protect hands from rapid ageing and the bright sun (cause of rapid skin ageing).

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Tinge Dry foot cream

  98,5 %  ingredients of natural origin

8,95 € - 50 mL 

Hydrating and refreshing foot cream, with menthol, peppermint, and citronella.

Specifically developed for (very) dry skin and marked fissures.  

Refreshing, deodorising and smoothing. Restores skin elasticity, tonicity and prevents cracking of heels. Very rich in essential oils and natural active ingredients for an extra purifying and protective effect.

No less than 14 precious essential oils : peppermint, anise, cajaput, cypress, eucalyptus, thyme, juniper, mountain pine, sweet orange, citronella,rosemary, niaouli, bergamot, lavender !

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Tinge diabetic foot cream

  99 %  ingredients of natural origin

11,95 € - 50 mL 

Special care for diabetic feet, with horse chestnut, elderberry, and butcher's broom.

Helps relieve the main symptoms of diabetic foot: cold-feeling, sallow, shiny and thin skin, and tendency to crack easily. Rich in extracts of horse chestnut, elderberry and butcher's broom, known for anti-oedema, vasoprotective and anti-inflammatory properties.

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