tinge night cream bottle on a table

Night cream  - skin booster

skin booster, with Indian clover, liquorice root and (Baikal) herbs 
for all skin types

   98.6 % ingredients of natural origin

46,50 € - 50 mL 

This night cream is specifically designed to work while you enjoy a good night​'s sleep. Highly concentrated in stimulating and rejuvenating actives, this unique formula hydrates, regenerates and detoxifies the skin.

* Indian clover enhances skin detoxification and improves the circadian cycle disrupted by blue light. Its glycosylated flavonoids help synchronise the well-being of the skin's 'clock', deregulated by a stressful lifestyle and exposure to blue light emission from electronic screens.

* Phytoactive compounds derived from Centella, Chamomile, Liquorice, Rosemary, Baikal herb, Camellia and Japanese knotweed support the reduction of the release of pro-inflammatory agents and reduce skin irritation.

Tinge Night Cream increases cellular energy metabolism and cell activity. Restores skin clarity and radiance. Cell renewal is stimulated for a revitalising and skin boosting effect.

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