tinge acne spot correction gel tube and packing on a white background

Acne Spot Correction Gel

  97.92% ingredients of natural origin

18,00 € - 20 mL  

The tinge acne spot correction gel is a purifying gel that prevents the formation of new impurities and makes existing pimples disappear faster without scarring. It has and proven anti-bacterial effect against the bacteria that can cause acne. The combination of active ingredients results in a complete approach. For example, they reduce sebum production, work exfoliating, have an anti-bacterial effect and promote skin recovery

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tinge advanced skin repair & soothing cream tube on a white background

Advanced Skin Repair & Soothing Cream

Restores and reduces itching, with Asian waternail and milk proteins
for sensitive/irritated/damaged skin

  99,91% ingredients of natural origin

17,95 € - 20 mL  

This innovative restorative cream is the ideal formula to prevent scarring and stimulate wound healing. It provides advanced skin repair while soothing and calming the skin. Moreover, it reduces itching and scratching so that the wound heals better and further skin damage is avoided. Does not feel greasy or sticky and contains no allergens.

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tinge anti-redness bottle on a white background


Concentrated care for skin with signs of rosacea with natural Mouse Maple, White Horse Chestnut and Gotu Kola.

  99,12% ingredients of natural origin

23,00 € - 30 mL 

This concentrated care gives a noticeable reduction in redness from the 1st application. It improves microcirculation, restores skin integrity and hydrates the skin. It also masks redness and homogenises the skin tone of the face making the skin look younger and more radiant.

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