tinge golden oil bottle with packaging on a white background

Golden Oil - dry body oil

A masterful combination of no less than 7 precious botanical oils and squalane. For a sublime and radiant skin.

  99,7 % ingredients of natural origin

33,50 € - 30mL

Tinge Golden Oil is not just any oil but combines the richest botanical oils and the power of nature for your skin. A particularly sensory experience with a unique dry texture

dry oil for body and hair with a delicious, hypallergenic fragrance with pure natural golden shimmers !

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Body lotion anti-aging

Hydrating and silky body lotion that prevents wrinkles and small spots, with probiotic technology and gingseng.

  99,1 % ingredients of natural origin

38,95 € - 100 mL  

Allergen-free perfume. Suitable for all skin types. 

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tinge anty cellulite body cream tube on a white background

Anti-cellulite body cream

Anti-cellulite with capsaicin, carnitine and extract of mustard sprout, soya and spirulina
 suitable for all skin types


98.03% ingredients of natural origin

45,00 € - 200 mL (tube)   

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